$500 CAN + Shipping & Handling ID#123 (M) Normal Anaconda, 100% Het Toffee-Belly


Due to cold  temperatures, we currently only offer situational shipping within BC, / pick-up in Cranbrook, BC. Canada-wide shipping will resume by late spring.(We should have many new animals available by then as well.) Please check back here and visit our FB pg. for updates. :)

payment plans availableAdditional savings for:
Repeat clients ~ Multiple Purchases & animals paid prior to an expo

By Purchasing one of our animals, you are agreeing to follow all of our care information and standards. We want our animals going to educated, well-prepared homes. We will not sell any Western Hognose that has not had a minumum of 10 consecutive feedings of frozen--thawed, non-scented mice. 


Updated Oct. 14, 2020

This species is not legal in AB, MB, and NS

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 $350 CAD + Shipping & Handling                           ID# 124  (M)
 Normal Anaconda, 66% Pos Het Albino, 50% Pos Het Toffee, Axanthic

This guy can be a bit hissy and enjoys being handled less than some of of our other animals. Happy, healthy, and readily eating frozen-thawed, non scented mice. This animal comes with proof of 3 negative Cryptosporidium tests.
Born - May 2019   Weight - 25 grams
Mother -
Hershey Normal Anaconda 100% Het Albino, 50% Het Axanthic 

Father - Lockwood 100% Het Toffee-Belly, Albino, Axanthic

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