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By Purchasing one of our animals, you are agreeing to follow our Care Sheet, Enclosure Setup guides, and follow our care standards. We want our animals going to educated, well-prepared homes. 

We are based in Cranbrook BC. Canada wide shipping is available through March 31 - Oct. 30th Email us today for a shipping quote.
We attend both the Abbotsford Reptile Expo, and Kamloops Interior Reptile Expo  in the spring, pick up is available for these expos.

We only sell within Canada to areas that our animals are legal to own. Western Hognoses are illegal in Alberta. It is the buyer's responsibility to check their city and province's laws. If the buyer is under 18 years of age we request a parent or guardian to sign a waiver.

holds/down deposits
We only accept holds/down deposits on well-establlished animals that are eating regularly. 
A non-refundable down deposit of half of the total animals' sale price will be required to hold or reserve animals. Full payment is required before shipment or prior to pickup. We accept Canadian E-transfers. If you do not comply with our terms you risk losing your deposit and the animal will then be back up for sale at full price.

Payment plan
A payment plan for more expensive animals is available, and will be tailored to an individual on a case-by-case basis.

purcahse agreement
Below is our purchase agreement contract that all customers must sign prior to us accepting any payment for our animals. A copy of this is emailed to the client to sighn before any money has exchanged hands.


Radiant Reptiles Canada (RRC) Purchase Agreement

By purchasing, you agree to these terms and conditions.



RRC accepts E-transfers and cash. A non-refundable deposit of half the purchase price will be required to hold or reserve animals. Full payment is required before shipment or prior to pick up.


Terms and guarantees

RRC guarantees that each animal is healthy to the best of our knowledge. Each animal comes with a 30-day health and feeding guarantee unless otherwise stated. If the animal displays any sickness or does not eat, it is the responsibility of the buyer to inform RRC immediately, so that advice can be given. If advised by RRC to seek Veterinary care. Buyer has 72 hours to take the animal to the vet for a health exam. If any health concerns are found, the buyer must contact RRC within the 72 hours with an explanation from the attending vet. (No medical or travel charges will be refunded.) If there is a problem with your animal, a replacement will be given, if this cannot be done then credit or a refund will be given at RRC’s discretion. 


Sexing is guaranteed

RRC will exchange improperly sexed animals at no cost to you for a period of two weeks after receipt. 


Death from neglect

If the death of an animal and it is deemed due to the neglect of the buyer/handler a replacement and or refund will not be granted. Such examples (but not limited to) would be if the animal:

  • dropped, injured by a person, injured by a pet, or improper care
  • were to contract illness from another animal
  • not housed or fed in accordance with RRC care sheets



During this first three months, the animal should be isolated from any other pets and monitored for health, eating, and activity level. RRC is not responsible for any injury or illness to other pets caused by exposure to this animal. 



A guarantee of a live and healthy shipped animal requires that there is someone home to receive the package on arrival.

In the case of DOA's (Dead on Arrival). RRC will require confirmation of the delivery to a person and require proof of DOA, such as pictures of animal and shipping container and/or the return of the body and container. Replacement, credit or a refund will be given at RRC’s discretion.  


Laws & regulations

It is your responsibility to know and be in compliance with your local, provincial, and federal laws regarding this species. By purchasing this animal, you agree to these terms and will not hold RRC liable for any reason.


Reactions to bites

Western Hognoses are considered harmless to humans. Although uncommon, it is possible to have a reaction to their bite. No deaths have ever occurred from a Western Hognose bite. Symptoms can include, itching, swelling, nausea, and irritation. Those with allergies or sensitivities may be at higher risk of having a reaction. The chance of having reaction increases if you allow the snake to continue biting. Do not try to “test” your sensitivity to a bite. Most bites are accidental and occur during feeding. Feeding tongs are advised. Please keep all this information in mind and practise safe, responsible, feeding and handling techniques.


For both the safety of the animal and a child, never leave any animal unattended with children.



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